Advice, guidance and support all tailored to meet your exact needs. Designed to expertly bring you seamlessly, from first thoughts of a career change or job search to contract negotiation along with everything else that goes on in-between. Info’ Quickcall, +353 86 3017207 anytime.

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Are you a dissatisfied Executive?
Is job satisfaction diminishing or non-existent?
Has a company restructure put your job at risk?
Career at a crossroads, need advice?
Redundancies on the horizon?
Returning to Ireland?
Just need your C.V. done up?

Should you answer 'yes' to any of the above career related issues, then it's strongly suggested you call for a discussion without any obligation whatsoever. Info’ Quickcall, +353 86 3017207 anytime.

In career change services there is no ‘one size fits all’, everyone’s needs are quite different. It is only after a brief meeting and fully understanding your concerns will it be possible to explain exactly what I can do or what parts of what I do that will be of real and direct help to you. You are welcome to call anytime. 086-3017207.

Select all or any part of the process that meets your needs.
Jobdoctor project FIRST: Carefully evaluate your background, experience and focus on your realistic employment options through a full career appraisal further supported by psychometric testing and a clearly focussed career direction.
Jobdoctor project SECOND: Prepare to achieve that target with a carefully constructed and very professional C.V. One that will get you an interview. Then perfect your presentation and interview skills and plan your job search activity.
Jobdoctor project THIRD: Commence your job search addressing the seven routes through which jobs are found. Ensure you find and meet all the right people and that all the right people can also find you.

At Professional Career Consulting or as it is better known, the 'Jobdoctor', I have assisted people at all levels to address and successfully manage their career development or job search through my well tried and tested programme for change. This is not just a C.V. writing exercise, but career advice, guidance and total support that has resulted in the speedy redeployment of most clients along with an increased salary, enhanced rewards and greatly improved work/life balance.

Over the years I have watched the various developments in recruitment and have always kept one step ahead of the ever-changing trends. Unlike many others that offer heavily laden internet based programmes designed at the other side of the planet and provided at arm’s length for you to download, my team and I get in the ‘trenches’ with you working through the whole change process.

We offer a personalised and supportive programme focusing on your main areas of concern and employing the up-to-date methodologies driving the ever changing job market. This experience and knowledge is available to you.

You are more than welcome to call any time for a private discussion and without any obligation. I will advise what part or parts of the programmes would be suited to you and how it will help you achieve your goal. You can then consider it in your own time.

"I met Colm in May this year and presented him with what most consider the ultimate challenge. After almost a decade in academia, I wanted to transfer to industry, and more specifically project management. While others assured me this task was impossible, Colm remained positive, professional and efficient.
He explained to me exactly how the job search and recruitment system works my confidence grew, my interview skills and CV improved dramatically and ultimately I secured my dream job. I can honestly say that without Colm’s support and know how I would not have been called for an interview, much less to say get the job. I have no hesitations recommending Colm to anyone wishing to progress
their career in a fashion that suits them".

Private Client Comment, South Co. Dublin.

Whether yours is a private career change or a corporate Outplacement programme, through creative and innovative methods, I will ensure your redeployment is managed in a professional, structured and most importantly, a successful manner. My 24 years of experience and knowledge of the Irish jobs and employment markets, how they work, the various search methods and professional career advice are all available to you.

If you are the one implementing the HR elements of a restructure then see the support services in the Corporate Outplacement section.

"...... After all this time I still owe you a big thank you. Using your methodology and restructured CV, I landed in a new job with Xxxxxxxx. Better package, higher position and best of all in Dublin. So, thank you!
Private Client Comment, Dublin.

"I wanted to say thank you for helping me believe I was ready to get that job!! You were such a great help. So many thanks again.
Private Client Comment, Dublin.

Most importantly, all clients are guaranteed the highest standards of service, the professionalism and the confidentiality that you would expect only from a trusted partner.

Other Client Comments;

"Having a very strong educational background and all rounded skill set and experience, I thought it would be easy to land my dream job. However, reality was quite different. I have been trying for a while, but the response was the lowest ever in my career.
I have contacted PCC and after some short conversations and e-mail exchanges I received a good diagnosis on my job search situation. The feedback made sense to me and soon after I started to work with PCC to put things right. PCC delivered all what was promised at the beginning: a methodological method to reflect all my experiences and skills in a concise CV, a review and enhancement of my Linkden, a comprehensive list of executive recruitment companies search that I was not aware of, a clear strategy to approach and handle the communication with the executive search companies and also some very valuable interview tips.
The most important attributes of PCC that they went the extra mile to listen to my concerns, they always have time for me, and I was impressed with the clear communications and the organisation. Simply PCC has been value for money and delivered to what was promised. I recommend them strongly as PCC would be of great help to most of job seekers."
Private Client Comment, Luxembourg.

"After wondering too much about what was wrong with the way I was applying for Jobs, I decided that I needed some professional help. I got to meet Colm at Jobdoctor and everything seemed much easier: we started by defining a plan of action, and continued by building the confidence I needed to drive the change.
And I got that new job! I strongly recommend working with PCC for your career change.

Spanish Private Client.

"..... He is a complete professional of immense experience..." Company HR Manager, Dublin

"..... the professional and personal tailor-made services resulted in a new job after 5 weeks". Private Client, Wicklow

"..... it was explained to me just how the system works..." Private Client, Dublin

"..... without the support I would not have had a chance, never mind, get the job". Private Client, Co. Dublin

I would welcome your inquiry in the strictest confidence, and without obligation, will meet with you, and advise exactly how I can help. Info’ Quickcall, +353 86 3017207 anytime.

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